The purpose of the Awards Committee is to propose candidates to the Garden Club of America Awards Committee for local, zone, or national awards.

A joint GCA Club Community Service Award was presented at our June 2014 picnic to those  members who led our club through the process of the Davis Park renovation. 

From left to right:  Barbie McCabe, Callen McJunkin, Kathy Becker, Tori Hardy and Beth Roby. 

 Although she was unable to attend the picnic Freddy Davis was also honored.

Congratulations to all!



National Award - Amy Angell Collier Montague Medal
1998-1999  Mary Price Ratrie

Zone VII Director's Award
2011-2012  Stuart Smith

Zone VII Creative Leadership Award
1982-1983 Mary Price Ratrie
1994-1995 Gloria C. Jones

Zone VII Faulconer-Minor Award
(Est. in 1985 in memory of Polly Faulconer, Albemarle GC and Lucy Payne Minor, James River GC by their friends.  The award was created expressly for Zone VII and is presented annually, if merited, to an individual or club at the Zone Meeting Flower Show for an exhibit of distinction in the Flower Arranging or Horticulture division.)
1985-1986  Clara Thomas
2009-2010  Kim Foster

 Zone VII Sandra Baylor Novice Floral Design Award
(For a floral design that is a unique and skillful response to the schedule of a GCA Major Flower Show, Individual novice entries in any competitive Floral Design class are eligible for this awards.  Floral designs must have placed first, second, or third.)
2014-2015  Kathy McCullough

Zone VII Conservation Award
1998-1999  Calvert Armbrecht

Zone VII Horticulture Award
2002-2003 Carter Giltinan
Zone VII Historic Preservation award
2006-2007  Farmer, Cline & Campbell (Karen & Stephen B. Farmer)

Zone VII Civic Improvement Award
2013-2014  Presented to Kanawha GC at the Zone meeting for the Davis Square Park Rejuvenation Project.


Medal of Merit
1991-1992  Betsy Johnson
1992-1993  Olivia Singleton
1995-1996 Ouida Davis
1996-1997  Nancy Thomas
1999-2000  Stuart Smith
2002-2003  Betty Belden
2007-2008  Priscilla Lawson
2011-2012  Sandra Thomas 

Certificate of Appreciation
1997-1998  Becky Beattie
1998-1999  Mary Louise Merrill
2001-2001  Jodi Hartman
2004-2005  Mary Ziebold
2005-2006  Nina Peyton
2007-2008  Tucky Ziebold
2008-2009  Buffy Wallace
2012-2013  Marion Sinclair
2015-2016  Lynn Goldsmith

Civic Improvement Achievement Certificate
2005-2006  Mary Anne Michael
2006-2007  Sara Hoblitzell
2007-2008  Nancy Thomas
2013-2014  Joint for Davis Park Rejuvenation Project:  Barbie, McCabe, Callen McJunkin, Kathy Becker, Tori Hardy, Beth Robey, Freddy Davis

Communications Award
2013-2014  Sara Hoblitzell
2015-2016  Anna Forbes

Conservation Achievement Award
1991-1992  Nelle Chilton
1997-1998  Martha Wehrle
2005-2006  Kathy Muehlman
2013-2014  Judy McJunkin

Flower Arrangement Achievement Certificate
1998-1999  Ardath Francke
1999-2000  Clara Thomas
2011-2012  Olivia Singleton
2012-2013  Anne Silbernagel

Historic Preservation Achievement Certificate
1997-1998  Betty Wellford
2002-2003  Betty Chilton

Horticulture Achievement Certificate
1971-1972  Mary Price Ratrie
1972-1973  Mary Louise Merrill
1985-1986  Katherine Rose
1986-1987  Carter Giltinan
1995-1996  Judy Stacy
2001-2002  Sara Hoblitzell
2006-2007  Joan Platz
2011-2012  Marion Jones


GCA National Margaret Douglas Award for notable service to the cause of conservation education
2015-2016  Dr. Lonnie G. Thompson & Dr. Ellen Mosely-Thompson, Distinguished Professors at Ohio State University's Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center.  Nominated by Kanawha GC

Civic Improvement Commendation
1997-1998  Lynne Schwartz-Barker
2004-2005  Thomas Vasale
2005-2006  Bill Mills
2007-2008  CAMC Housing Corporation for the development of Jefferson Place, East End Historic District.  CAMCHC Board members Ed Maier & Ted Platz accepted the award.
2011-2012  Tim Forren
2012-2013  Harley Goodwin, Jr.
2015-2016  Jean Simpson
Horticulture Certificate of Acknowledgement
1996-1997  Harry Wise
1998-1999  Frank Pelurie

Historic Preservation Commendation
2011-2012  The Carriage Trail Committee

Special Recognition Certificates
2011-2012  Betty Chilton:  50th Anniversary of active membership in KGC/GCA 


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